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Rona Mirimi

A Fertility Awareness Educator

  • 15 minutes
  • 23 US dollars
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo

Lesson Info

Rona Mirimi is a Fertility Awareness Educator. After many years on the Pill & using the copper IUD, she found out that our body gives us fertility signs when we are fertile & when we are not. At the age of 38 she decided to learn more about it and found an amazing inner realm; the female body. After practicing on herself for a couple of years she decided to learn how to teach it to everyone who is interested in gaining this knowledge. She graduated from a 2-year program in the States in 2018. Since then, she decided to learn more methods in order to have more tools so she can be in service & meet everyone where they are in their own unique journey. Today, she teaches couples and individuals how to track & chart their cycles. She supports women who are breastfeeding or who have PCOS and other conditions. She also helps people find the best menstrual cup to suit their bodies & lifestyles, along with cloth pads, yoni steams and more.