What is physical therapy, and how can it improve my abilities in bed?

Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor therapy can be a solution to numerous sexual dysfunctions (problems) in men and women. For men, pelvic floor physiotherapists treat problems like erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation and performance anxiety.

For women, issues such as the inability to reach orgasm, or pain in the vagina, during and after penetration are able to be improved through such therapy. To better understand what a pelvic floor physiotherapist does and how it helps men or women improve sexual function, I chose to interview two experts in the field, Inbal Guy and Daniella Tsarfati, who have been working with men and women for many years.

The first question that arises is, what exactly does a pelvic floor physiotherapist do?

Physical therapists in this area specialize in treating everything related to the muscles located on the outer and inner parts of the pelvis.

This treatment provides a therapeutic solution to all disorders whether in the urinary, digestive or reproductive system. We also provide treatment for people suffering from orthopedic pain around the pelvic region, lower back, abdomen, inner thigh and groin.