My Boyfriend Cums Too Fast. What Can We Do To Have Better Sex?

You should invest in everything that leads to pleasure and take your time to really enjoy the foreplay: kisses all over your body or his, French kisses, massages, oral sex, nipple or breast play, anal play, and more.

It’s sexy, it’s sensual, and it can be very pleasurable. Just make sure you do what you love. It is also suitable for you to know that you can add a sex toy for each play. Remember, you and your partner can totally experience orgasm this way!

How to have sensual foreplay

Play for Two

It's important to know that sensual foreplay can make you feel aroused and enjoy intercourse much more.

Remember, foreplay is your way to create a sensational experience, learn what you both like in bed, and enhance your pleasure when you are together.

I have always believed that the best sex occurs when you can be selfish in bed and allow yourself to be present at the moment. However, to be mindful, you need to choose one of the following roles and agree upon it with your partner before you start - either you will be the one who receives a pleasurable touch first or the one who gives a pleasurable touch first.

  1. First we remove our clothes and reveal our naked bodies. The best way to do this is by gradually removing item after item, either from yourself or from your partner. For example, if you remove your partner's underwear, slowly pull them down as your finger strokes their legs ups and down.

  2. The touch! A sensual massage is a way to increase your arousal level. In order to make it very sensual, avoid the intimate parts, for now. The massage can start with the upper and lower back and continue to the inner thighs, legs and feet- for those who enjoy it. After that, turn your partner around so he or she will lie on their back, continue to massage, working your way up through their legs, inner thighs again, and up to the waist, focusing on the chest area.

  3. Time to start kissing and maybe include some intimate parts! You can start with gentle kisses on the belly and continue to the nipples, where you diversify with a suction or light biting on the nipples. Slowly make your way down with light kisses until you reach the genitalia. You can, of course, change the route and be creative according to your partner's preferences.

  4. Now it's time to emphasize sexual communication. It is one of the most important elements of enjoyable foreplay. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner if your touch pleases them, and whether they want a different rhythm or touch!

  5. Oral sex can be foreplay in itself, for both men and women who enjoy it. Just make sure your partner is on board.

  6. Men who give oral sex to a woman - try to apply tongue movement in and around the clitoris area. It is always essential to ask her if she enjoys the direct oral contact on the clitoris or maybe combining external or internal touch of fingers. It is important to know that the touch sensitivity threshold rises at this stage, and direct contact can sometimes be less pleasurable. Some women enjoy oral sex but only when it's short, so be sure to ask after 3-5 minutes if she wants you to continue.

  7. For women who give oral sex to a man - the recommendation is to gradually and sensually cover the head of the penis with your mouth and use a slow, sucking movement. You can also lick the side of the penis and continue on to the testicles; gently licking or sucking them. You can add your hands as you make his penis wet with your mouth. Always make sure the penis is wet. Don't forget to ask your partner how much strength to apply and what his preferences are.

  8. Optional - Just before you start penetration (if you wish to), it's time to experiment with pleasurable sex toys. There are lots of sex toys for women, specifically for external (vulva) or internal (vagina or anus) stimulation, and for men, made of silicone and designed for their penis or anal sex.

  9. Lastly, don't forget to switch roles, either during foreplay or the next time

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