All about foreplay - My boyfriend always wants to skip foreplay...

My boyfriend always wants to skip foreplay and start penetration right away. He uses his saliva to make it somewhat wet before we this normal?

I know many people like to start sex immediately with penetration. Of course, if you're a couple that just fell in love or are full of passion it can work and be exciting.

However, I must say that skipping foreplay in the long run, may lower your enjoyment or your sexual arousal. It can also lead to painful penetration and saliva won't really be the best solution for this type of situation- it’s not enough!.


Foreplay activates the physiological mechanisms in your body, i.e., blood flows to the erogenous regions and genitals, there is more sensitivity to touch, and it allows for the vaginato get lubricated and the penis to become erect.

Here’s how to do it:

Besides, you can both receive so much pleasure from foreplay and build up your sexual tension, so why skip that? !

Lastly, I want to note that foreplay not only helps to raise the libido, but it also gives you time to forget about your busy day, relax and be present in the moment.

I feel insecure when it comes to foreplay but I really want to enjoy it. Can you help me have a pleasurable experience?

I get this question all the time, so it's time to guide you into pleasurable and passionate foreplay! But before I do that, it's important to remember that we are all different in bed, so.... try what sounds right to you and make sure you feel comfortable!

I want to start by telling you your dream foreplay can start by setting the “mood”. ake sure you’re planning to have sex in a place where you feel comfortable (make sure its inviting!), you know, nice music, nice lighting, a good candle or incense… be creative!

Good foreplay requires a synergy between you and your partner. Tt requires each of you to take turns, meaning one of you can start by pleasuring the other and then you switch roles!

Okay, let's face it, it's a little hard to enjoy foreplay while trying to play both roles. This is why I usually don’t recommend the 69 sex position where you both receive and give oral sex at the same time. It’s harder than it looks!

Foreplay can start with the gradual removal of clothing, and it can be done in a very seductive and fun way. Sometimes playing a power or control game can be really sexy...go ahead, command your partner to take his shirt off!

My recommendation is to take it slow and remove one item at a time from you and your partner.

Shall we continue? Let's talk about the various ways we can provide a pleasurable touch! You can choose between a massage, a kiss, light bites, suction or just combination it all.

Where to begin?! My recommendation is to start from the top and gradually go to the bottom, feel free to include as many erogenous zones as you can

( parts of the body that excite sexual feelings once they are touched)!

For example: start with a passionate and exciting french kiss. Continue with small and soft kisses on the neck. Don't forget to whisper or breathe lightly next to your partner's ear. From here, go down to the chest area and pay attention to his or her nipples... diversify a bit with light suction or a light biting game , and then continue kissing your partner all the down to the lower abdomen, thighs, legs, and feet- if you like it!

Now, go half way back to the inner thighs and from there to the intimate parts, penis or the vulva. You can choose to either provide oral sex, or just continue using your hands 😉

Go slow and ask your partner what type of touch they like. Check in and ask how much pressure they like.

The emphasis is on taking turns and allowing each other to have at least 8-10 minutes before you switch roles. And no, do not set a stopwatch for 8 minutes. Sometimes it’ll be more, sometimes it’ll be less- go with the flow and do what feels good to you!