Use mindfulness techniques to increase pleasure!

Sex is much more than a biological, evolutionary, and physiological necessity. It's also crucial to how we connect romantically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually with our partner(s). It's also a huge source of joy and well-being, as well as a powerful stress reliever. Unfortunately, recent global research shows that people and couples, including those who claim to be the happiest in their relationships, are having less sex. This raises the question of whether mindfulness can help us all experience more connecting and pleasurable sex. Definitely


It can be really easy to just "go through the motions" during sex/masturbation, with orgasm as the goal. But why not slow down and really connect to our body and the sensations?


Slow down-focus on sensations in the body

Notice how it feels to be touched (or touch yourself), kissed, licked, in different places •


Slow down the breath

Experiment with matching inhales and exhales with your partners'


Take breaks and have check-ins

"How are you doing? Do you want to continue with this or try something different?"


Be engaged and present

Try being attentive to your body and feelings as well as your partners'

Sitting Meditation

Don't look at orgasm as a goal

Enjoy the journey!


Talk before, during, and after about what you like, don't like, want to try, etc.

Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing
Image by madison lavern

Try to clear your mind

Don't worry about how you look!

Mindful Sex: Deeper Connection, Intimacy & Pleasure