Does everyone watch porn?

Is there a chance watching porn can improve our sex life?

To my understanding, the more popular porn websites have tens of millions of visits every single day. Nowadays, porn movies are free and easily accessible. 

You just press a button and you can watch all kinds of different porn - from professional porn to amateur productions that usually give the impression that they were filmed by the couple living next door just last night! 

Watching porn definitely has a few consequences, some of which are negative, but today we are answering your questions and talking about how porn can actually contribute in a positive way to your sex life!

So, besides the fact that watching porn can arouse you and your partner sexually and lead to steamy, hot sex, it can also help to diversify your sex life.


Porn can expose you to different positions

Erotic games to play in bed, and even role-playing ideas. It's really important to remember that not everything you see in porn is possible to perform, but watching porn every now and again is a good way to create sexual fantasies and give you new ideas ;)


My answer is based on my own clinical observations and on studies that show that porn has positive effects on sex in a relationship, especially if the couple enjoy watching porn together and feel comfortable talking about what they see.  

Watching porn together is another way for a couple to learn about each other's desires

fantasies and also talk about their expectations in bed and even set boundaries. 


Do not forget that many of the activities you see in porn movies do not necessarily reflect women's or men's pleasure, so once you have learned to talk openly about these things, you will be able to maintain a sexual balance with the help of porn!