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Welcome to Sexence

Sexence is a sexual lifestyle and self-care engagement app that provides you with personalized information programs and insights to improve your sex life.

We believe in providing people reliable information to help them enhance their sexual pleasure.

We created Sexence for all of us.

It was a personal issue that led us to create Sexence. While we were looking for a solution online, we realized that the information on sexuality is very general, and it did not apply to this specific issue.


As we went deep into research to find answers, we realized that almost every person we encountered may have experienced frustration and/or insecurity about his or her sexuality at one point or another in their life.


As experienced entrepreneurs, we decided to create an app for healthy sexuality, that will include deep technology to help people all over the world to improve their sex life and enhance pleasure.

We hope to see you at the Sexence app!

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